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Brett VH

I am writing to strongly recommend Tom and his crew at Renew Home Improvement. Tom has provided home renovation services to us for years. He and his crew are efficient and informative. They replaced our old patio sliding door and we were eligible for a tax credit. They were very helpful in providing information about the process and making sure the job was completed properly so we would qualify to receive the credit. The work they provide is also very skilled and thorough.

For years, we had a window intermittently leaking in our dining room with no obvious fix or reason for the leak. Tom was able to determine the cause of the problem and devise a solution. Since their repair, we have had no further trouble with the window. Additionally, I have a number of relatives that Tom has built homes and done renovations for. Over the years I have been consistently impressed with his integrity and eye for quality. I strongly recommend using Tom and Renew Home Improvement as an honest, knowledgeable home improvement solution. You will not be disappointed! 

John T

After three years of living in a new home built by Tom, I find myself surprised by the exacting details put into every facet of my home. The planning and execution of my requests have been met with extraordinary satisfaction. Even after these 3 years my home is as new as it was the day it was completed. It stands untarnished. Tom’s company accommodated my wishes and went to great lengths to satisfy down to the greatest of details. Tom knows how to build homes, far superior than the average builder. Thanks Tom!  

John and Evelyn K

We want to tell you that we are very pleased with the work that you have done for us in the Condo, both when you built it and when you replaced the windows in the sunroom. (The windows were defective). Tom worked with them to have the replacement windows sent to us, then Tom did a great job installing them. He was there on time and removed and replaced the siding, installing the windows, new trim and patching the drywall. Then he arranged for the painters to repaint the room. When he left we could not tell that anyone was here. We are very pleased.  

Dr. Tom L

Thank you for the incredible remodel of our pantry. We love our condo and are so appreciative of your efforts in building it for us. All the best. 

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